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4myearth Bread Bag - The Vale Eco Packs
The Vale Eco Packs 4 Myearth Bread Bag
4myearth Bread Bag - The Vale Eco Packs

4myearth Bread Bag

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  • Made from Cotton Canvas with Plant Based Lining
  • Zip Close and Freezer Safe
  • Keeps Bread Fresh on the Bench


Easily reduce your use of plastic bags with these cotton Bread Bags. They are the sustainable option you need to bring bread and pastries home from the Bakery or for storage of your own homemade goods. They are also suitable to store all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The plant based inner lining is plastic free and helps to keep food fresh from store to your door. They are safe to be used on the bench, in your fridge and your freezer and are fully machine washable.

These bags are lightweight, strong and easily stored when not in use. Free from PVC, phthalates, BPA and nylon so you can be sure your food is toxin free.

Each bag is 30cm x 40cm