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Bass Volcanic Rock - The Vale Eco Packs

Bass Volcanic Rock

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    • Relaxes and Rejuvenates Tired Feet
    • Easy to Clean
    • Works Perfectly with your Favourite Exfoliation Cream or Essential Oils

      This Bass Volcanic Rock is used to care for your skin. Gently exfoliate your feet, hands and body naturally to remove dead skin and calluses leaving your skin fresh and smooth. 

      Use your volcanic rock either wet or dry and is also able to be used in the shower. If required, you can used in conjunction with an exfoliation cream.

      Not only is this a perfect way to help remove dead skin but is also great being used to refresh and increase circulation for tired and sore feet. This can be done in the shower or sitting with a bowl of water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil or scented soap.

      Easy to clean under running water or brush with a manicure brush.

      Available as a Perfect Addition or as part of the Eco Pamper Pack.