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Bass Sisal Soap Bag - The Vale Eco Packs

Bass Sisal Soap Bag

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    • Increase Lather of your Soap
    • Gently Exfoliate your Skin with Natural Fibres
    • Helps to Make Soap Last Longer

      The Bass Sisal Soap Bag creates a luxurious lather from your soap as well as exfoliating dry dead skin cells to leave your skin healthy, smooth and soft. Simply place your soap inside and use warm water to create the lather for a simple addition to your home beauty routine.

      They are a natural fibre made from the Agave plant it is 100% biodegradable.

      Always remove your handmade soap to dry after each use toprolong the life of your soap and to stop it going soft and mushy.

      Order separately or as part of the Eco Pamper Pack and Handmade Soap Pack.